AMTAB’s strategic keywords for both the system and our business are:


AMTAB’s management sat down to discussed “How can we prove the system’s durability in a convincing way?” It didn’t take long before we all agreed on that the “Iran case is the story”.

In 2008, AMTAB sold 15 systems to the Iranian Railways (IRW). They were installed throughout the country – in both very cold and very hot climate zones. Since 2008 IRW’s 15 systems have been operational, with no support incidents. Having found that the AMTAB system has met and exceeded their expectations, IRW had started to discuss increasing the number of scales in their railway network by repeat ordering from AMTAB. We expect that discussions will resume after the Iran trade embargo has been lifted.

We feel that our customer relationship with IRW is the strongest testimony for the durability of our system thus far.