With the right sensing system, rail operators can learn a great deal of data about the trains that roll on their tracks. AMTAB’s system for monitoring weight and wheel damage of railway cars continues to develop new functions based on sophisticated analysis of the data its sensors collect.

“Our engineers are continuously innovating to deliver more value to customers via software solutions,” says AMTAB CEO Björn Liszka. “We are constantly working with customers to learn and meet their needs.”

Projects under way in several European countries include:

  • An ongoing study involving neural networks that makes the system “learn” to improve its detection capabilities each time a train passes over the system’s sensors.
  • A function to conduct high-speed weighing of trains traveling 200+ kph, with accuracy at up to 140 kph confirmed so far. Tests show that the system is so accurate it can show the number of passengers per carriage in a commuter rail train (based on an average passenger weight of 75 kg).
  • A way to detect increased risk of derailment. AMTAB’s system can now identify the three main causes of derailment generated by the train itself.
  • A material fatigue study combining AMTAB’s sensors with its deep learning capabilities.

“We will be making a series of announcements detailing the results as soon as the implementations are finalized,” Mr. Liszka says. “So stay tuned!”